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      Our institute has strong scientific-technological R&D capability in building materials industry, especially in the field of new type building materials and energy-saving and emission reduction. The institute has a sound technical team of complete specialty configuration. Over the past 60 years, the institute has achieved profound results and splendid achievements. The main R&D direction in a leading position in the field includes:

      As the main inventor of Chinese Luoyang Float Glass Process, the institute has done a lot of R&D work to upgrade the new technology, new equipment, automatic control and quality inspection for Chinese Luoyang Float Glass Process and has achieved great success.

      Our institute has done a lot of pioneering work in the field of new building materials, in particular the development of large-scale plasterboard production technology and equipment, which is in a leading position in China. The institute also enjoys high reputation abroad.

      At the same time, the institute developed the glass melting furnace flue gas waste heat power generation, dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification technology, float glass line cold end on-line tracking and mimic-monitoring system technology and equipment, cement kiln pure low temperature waste heat power generation technology and equipment. 

      Our institute has serious scientific & technological R&D platforms, providing good foundation for the sustainable development of the institute. 

      1. Zhejiang Building Materials Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.  

      2. National R&D Center for Chinese Light Building Materials

      3. The Technical Center for CNBM Hangzhou Waste Heat Power Generation Engineer

      4.CNBM International Engineering Hangzhou Technical Center