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      DeSOx and DeNOx System

          In present, the requirements for environmental protection are getting increasingly stricter; the corporate social responsibility is also being much more focused on increasingly, our institute, as one of the earliest design and research institute of building materials industry in China, has been actively engaged in the comprehensive treatment and utilization of flue gas of building materials industry. After several years of exploration, summary and innovation, our institute mainly forms the following five kinds of flue gas treatment technologies: 1, limestone-gypsum wet process flue gas desulfurization technology; 2, CFB circulating fluidized bed semi-dry process desulphurization technology; 3, SCR denitration technology; 4, SNCR flue gas denitration technology; 5, oxidation absorption method desulfurization &denitration technology.

          Our institute has undertakenthe consultation, design, technical service, equipment complete-set supply and general contracting for numerous projects of glass furnace, cement kiln gas treatment.While dispose the flue gas, combining with the mature characteristics of our own waste heat utilization technology, we also tailor the optimal plan for the owner to decrease the cost and increase efficiency.

          As the general contractor of CSG (Wujiang) Glass Co., Ltd flue gas comprehensive treatment and utilization project, our institute carried out waste heat utilization and waste gas treatment and technology transformation for thetwo existing lines (600t/d and 900t/d). And this project is the first glass production line equipped with SCR denitrification system in China.

          The flue gas desulphurization &denitrification and dust collection project for 620t/d glass furnace of Saint-Gobain Qingdao Glass Co., Ltd. general contracted by our institute adopts semi-dry process desulfurization+ electrostatic dust collection + SCR denitrification combined process, realized the waste gas desulfurization and dust collection first, denitration again, and thencomprehensive utilization of flue gas and waste heat mode, which breaks the traditional domestic first denitration again desulfurization and dust removal mode.

          Zhuzhou KIBING Glass Group 450t/d and 550t/d glass furnace desulfurization, and dust collection project general contracted by our institute adopts “limestone-gypsum desulfurization + Venturi dust collection” combined process to carry out the desulfurization and dust collection flue gas treatment for it, this project , as the first batch of desulfurization and dust collection system assorted with glass industry in China, won third prize in CNBM Group small-scale furnace and kiln desulfurization and dust collection technology S&T Progress Award.