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      Project Supervision

      Founded in 1998, Hangzhou Zhongxin Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ChinaNew Building Materials & Design Institute, which is belong to CNBM Group. The company has A-level qualification certificate for housing construction, municipal engineering, metallurgical engineering supervision, B-level qualification certificate for mechanical and electrical installation engineering supervision and C-level qualification certificate for civil defense. The company has 196 employees.

      Supervision business includes industrial and civil construction, metallurgy, municipal, electrical and mechanical engineering supervision and related consulting services.

      The company has involved in many big industrial and civil building projects, the municipal projects and the high way electromechanical project supervision. We have worked on the mechanical electronics equipment supervision on the Iran AZAR glass project, and managed the North Korean Da’an glass factory on behalf of the Chinese government which was highly praised by the government and the ex-president of the Chinese Communist Party, Mr. Hu Jintao. We have been awarded for many provincial and municipal prizes for the consultation projects. The details are as follows: the Anji Telecom Building, Taizhou Hospital, Jushi Technology Building, Quzhou Telecom Hub Building, and the comprehensive training stadium of the Huanglong Sports Center won the Zhejiang Province ”Qian Jiang Cup” premium project prizes. The comprehensive experimental building examined and qualified by the China Building Materials Academy (Beijing) won the construction Great Wall Cup. The Hangzhou Jin Cheng Wen Xin Apartment, the reconstruction projects of the old residence of Mr.Hu Xueyan, the experimental building of the Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry of Chinese Academy of Forestry and the Biyuntian Part (phase IV ) of the Green·Hu Bin Garden won the Hangzhou “Westlake Cup” the premium engineering prize. The reconstruction of the Zhejiang General Trade Union Sanatorium won the excellent decoration prize in Zhejiang Province. The comprehensive in-patient building of the Rui’an City People’s Hospital was awarded the “Ou River Cup” premium engineering prize of Wenzhou city. The Yuxiang Foreign Languages College in Anji was given the “Flying Eagle Cup” premium engineering prize of Huzhou city. The building of the Donggao Middle School in Wuyi was given the “Shuanglong Cup” premium engineering prize of Jinhua city. The No.8 building of the Jintian Garden in Lin’an won the “Tianmu Cup” premium engineering prize of Lin’an city. The dining hall of the Yiwu International Trade School was awarded Jinhua city construction project“premium structure prize”. The student apartment and the dining hall of the Wenling Vocational& Technical School won the “Shuguang Cup” premium project prize of Wenling city. The Tongxiang Wastewater Treatment Plant and the road reforming project at the entry to Tongxiang in northeast won the “Fengming Cup” premium engineering prize of Tongxiang city. Biyuntianyuan residential community of Xiaoshan Lvdu . Hubing Garden (phase IV) was awarded structure Westlake Cup. And Xiaoshan New World Fortune Center is one of the tallest buildings under construction in Hangzhou (The north building is 250.30m high).

      Rely on CNDI, the supervisors have strong professional skills and high quality. With the practice guideline of "law-abiding, integrity, impartial, scientific", the supervision services have been universally praised by the owners.