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      From 1960s, we started the research of float process, and is the main inventor of “China Luoyang Float” Technology. On November 1974, 140t/d float glass production line researched and developed by our institute was built in Luoyang, which is the first float glass line in China. Over the past 40 years, we have made a lot of initiative work in improving glass product quality, automation level of the glass production line and energy saving and consumption reduction, obtained more than 20 invention prizes, progress prizes in science & technology at national and ministerial level, providing engineering design, technical consultation, technical service and general contracting service for 100-odd various glass production lines, the technology and equipment had been exported to Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Botswana and North Korea. 

      We can provide engineering design, consultation, general contracting of various new and reconstructed glass production lines:   

      ? Sheet glass:

          Building glass:150~1000t/d  float glass lines 

          Solar PV glass:60~600t/d  rolled glass lines  

                     150~1000t/d float glass lines 

          Automobile glass:150~800t/d  float glass lines   

          E-glass:100~300t/d  float glass lines  

          Glass further processing:tempered glass, coated glass (on-line, off-line), wired glass, hollow glass, vacuum glass, mirror glass, etc. 

      ? Glass ware:various types of glass bottles, glass tableware and glass containers. 

      ? Glass fiber:6000~60000t/a direct melt fiberglass line, and processing lines  

      ? Crystallized glass:30~120t/d production line of crystallized glass panel