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      WHR Power Generation

      The waste heat recovery power generation system, in terms of its nature, is similar to thermal power system, itsmain working principle is:

      Traditional building materials industry products produced all kinds of flue gas during manufacturing, this part of the flue gas with lots of heat was usually directly discharged through the chimney to upper air, which didn't get any valuable use.Waste heat power generation system gets use of the waste heat boiler to recoverthe heatof this part of high-temperature flue gas, to heat the water to the superheated steam and superheated steam shall drive turbine and generator set to run, so as to generate electricity power to be transferred into HV power grid of the plant, which greatly reduces the consumption of electricity powerpurchased by plant, and results in a huge economic benefits.

      Since 2001, our institute started to carry out a lot of theoretical research on the low-temperature flue gas waste heat resource utilization technology, it is considered that the low-temperature waste heat recovery technology and low-temperature waste heat recovery equipment, can absolutely get use of the low temperature waste heat resources of cement, glass and other building materials industry, and applied to power generation.Then as the practical application of project and construction, the technology has been gradually improved and been applied and promoted.Our institute has successfully applied this technology in cement production line in 2006, and successfully applied in glass production line in 2007.

      Jiangsu Farun Group Ltd. Co. low-temperature waste heat power generation project designed by our institute is the first glass factory in China who applies the low-temperature waste heat power generation technology into the practical; This project also won a second prize in science and technology progress class of 2009 Building Material Scientific and Technical Academy Awards, it also achieved “Sci-tech novelty retrieval report”issued by the Ministry of  Technology of the People’s Republic of China in the same year.

      AfterCSG Chengdu Glass Co., Ltd.waste heat power generation project general contracted by our institutein 2009 had been built and put into production, it has been well received by the owner, and thisproject is also the first glass waste heat power generation project general contracted by the design institute.After it is put into production successfully, it gains the promotion to the whole industry in the special scene promotion held by the ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

      At present, there are more than 30 glass waste heat power generation projects general contracted by our institute, among which, CSG holding Co. Ltd., Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited, KIBING Glass Group, TaiwanGlass Group and several leading enterprises domestic glass industries have already established long-term good cooperation with our institute; and there are also 60 sets cement waste heat power generation units, which create huge economic benefits for the owners,meanwhile it also made great contributions for China's environmental protection and energy saving industries.