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      Planning & Design

      Architecture Branch Institute, who besides cooperates with other branches of our institute to finish the industrial projects, such as new building materials, glass, cement, ceramic, glass fiber etc, participate the civil building projects design extensively. And won the first, second and third prize awards many times of the civil building projects evaluated by the China Building Materials Industry Association.

      The completed design of civil engineering has all kinds of public buildings, large-scale residential districts, and so on. Especially the archives building design and auxiliary engineering design of nuclear power plant, residential area planning and architectural design has already been one big characteristic of our institute, etc. We successively completed the design of more than 10 local archives, several nuclear power plant front areas, living area (planning, architecture, and landscape), the planning and architectural design of dozens of residential areas, accumulates rich practical experiences. Archives Building has its special function characteristics, professional and cultural attributes, and our architecture branch institute has already been a leader in the design field of it.

      Nuclear power plant, due to the complexity of its function, the universality of involved industries, and forward-looking of its research development, and management, which promotes national overall progress of science and technology, improves the management technical effect, as technical project participants, we make progress together, and share the joy!

      In the new period, our institute works in local practice of the "green water and hill is the treasures", and hope to make new contributions for "green water and hills”, “beloved homesickness".